22 Jun 2011

Impressive Birthday Card

It was my birthday at the weekend, and I treated myself to a few days off work. As I mentioned before it was John's brother's wedding. So after much Irish wedding shenanigans most of my birthday was spent in bed recovering.
I was mightily impressed by the card that John for me. He has agreed to give me money towards a new exercise bike so that means I had no present on the day to open. So instead he got me this fab pop-up bunch of flowers card. Since I've started making cards people always make a big effort to send me nice cards...which amuses me. like I'm some kind of good card police. Having said that if John ever got me a bad card I'd be pretty grumpy, he has to listen to me rant about bad cards enough to know better.

Ps: Do you like my new polaroid app on my phone, it has the nice ad on that I can put marker type text on it. I'm having a hipster moment....speaking of hipsters, check out this pretty funny video...my favourite quote is....

'Basically I'm a part-time blogger, and I design my own jewellery line,which is like, a mix of religious iconography kind of with a 'Saved By The Bell' vibe'.

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  1. I read your complete blog Firstly i want to wish a very happy birthday i love your birthday present as you ace mentioned that you designs jewellery than i want you to upload the pictures of your jewellery also.


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