29 Jun 2011

Market Stall Display

It's been ages since I showed you any pictures of my stall. A market stall is one of those things that evolves over time, especially if you are like me and you have no money for fancy displays. I'm happy with how the stall is looking these days, but I'm sure I will continue to tweek it over time. I want to work on my upper display, hence the fact that I was making bunting this week, and also my friend is making me some lights at the moment.
It's difficult when selling lots of little things to communicate at a glance what I'm selling. But I think things like the jars and shelves for the buttons, and also the mannequin help to solidify the display. Over the years I've learned that people like to touch things when they are buyng them, so that;s why I have pots of items that people can riffle through. Also I took all my brooches out of their packets and attached them to the mannequin so people can see and feel them.


  1. I think it looks lovely! And I know what you mean, both about the seeing at a glance what is there, and also tweaking as you go. The 'at a glance' thing has always flummoxed me!

    I especially like the brooches on the mannequin is an ace display method, and ditto the buttons in the cookie jars!

  2. Thanks a million!It was actually another stall holder who suggested taking my brooches out of their wrapping, she had been selling beside me for years and didn't know what they were until they came out of the packets!

  3. the button jars are my favourite thing on your stand - reminds me of Mr Simms shop

  4. Yes, love the button jars! Even just seeing them on the pic makes me want to rummage through them!!!


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