15 Jun 2011

To the Bride and Groom

John's brother Paul is getting married this Friday to the lovely Shelly Cox. I actually met the two of them before I met John, and it was through them bringing John into Tom Collins for drinks, where I worked,that I got to know John. They are having an alternative wedding, with a humanist ceremony and Shelly won't be wearing white, and the groom is wearing a suit he got made in Thailand. They are not buying into all the cost and fuss of a regular wedding...and they are my new heroes for making these decisions!

In their honour I've picked out some funky wedding stuff from etsy...enjoy!

Mucha Inspired Beaded Lace Medieval Gown SAMPLE SALE Medium

Isla ... Bridal Feather Fascinator with Vintage Rhinestones

Vintage Circus Poster Wedding Invitation

Design Your Own Wedding Dress Tutu-Wedding Dress Alternative Adult Tutu Red Pink Ivory

Photobooth Props on a Stick - Tie one One - Fathers Day, Neck tie, Mustache, Glasses on a Stick

Just Married Burlap Bunting with Red Heart

Love Bird Wedding Cake Topper


  1. Love the photo booth props! What a cute idea!

  2. Aren't they so fun??! I only recently saw the use of a photo booth at a wedding, it's such a great idea...if I ever get married I want to get one

  3. You have some awesome props to go with the wedding. It adds more fun.


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