23 Jun 2011

Tidy studio and Great New Apps for My Smartphone

I mentioned earlier this week that I was on a bit of a spring cleaning buzz, as I had let my studio /bedroom get pretty chaotic. I wanted to show you proof that I finished it, and it's also an excuse to use my favourite new app on my phone! I had made the striped curtains for the Prudence article to attempt to hide the madness of crafty stuff that is on my shelf. My card making supplies have expanded a lot recently to now include bulging boxes on the floor, so I fluffed out the curtain to envelope this ugly site.

I also got lots of new fabric that my friend Toni was clearing out, I'm really excited to think about what I can make, there was a yummy turquoise thick cord. There was also a great mix of brightly coloured tartans and tweeds. I got to sort through a box and pick what I wanted, it was so typical that I chose all the really vibrant colourful fabrics.

I also wanted to show how I made a dressing table out of nothing. I store a lot of my buttons in a high chest of drawers, but it's one of those cheap ones from Argos that nobody wants to spend their like looking at. I also Had a large piece of wood from my college days hanging around the studio, so I placed it behind the drawers and draped it with this funky fashion print. I them dressed it with some jewellery boxes and a brown leather vintage bag(which you can't really see in this image). I propped up a mirror from the euro thrift shop, et viola at long last I have a dressing table.

I had to get a picture of my desk, because it almost never look looks like this. I actually need to put the stereo into storage to get a bit more space, I listen to all my audiobooks now on my phone

Speaking of audiobooks and apps, I was in an app browsing mood the other night and I found this fantastic app that has 1000's of free audiobooks that you can listen to directly on your phone. I haven't listened to a whole one yet as I'm in the middle of a Stephen King one, but I listened to a section and the quality sounds fantastic. I love reading classic books anyway, so my brain doesn't totally go to mush reading lite fiction all the time. So it may not be everyone's cup of tea, but there are some amazing classic books out there. The only thing I'm concerned about is the download limit, I don't want to end up spending a fortune on my bill. I read up on the reviews and nobody else has mentioned this problem though, so I'm hopeful it will be fine.

I also got another app which marks the cycle of my period, I'm always forgetting when I'm due so this is great. It is also a good app for anyone trying to plan a pregnancy(which I'm certainly not!!), as it gives you a calender tells you when you're fertile, and you can mark the days that you've had sex. Wow the wonders of technology!!

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