16 Jun 2011

I'm Not Superwoman and That's Ok

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Sometimes I try to take on the whole world, I think if I just work hard enough and focus I can get it all done. It was refreshing today to give myself permission to not try to be Superwoman. I have a million things to get sorted before the wedding tomorrow, iron my dress, finish making the brides bag, change the buttons on a cardigan, make 3 separate urgent badge orders, deliver some cards, go to an exhibition, and go on a family dinner tonight. On top of that I was trying to squeeze in working at the Pop-Up shop...which is totally insane! On top of which I couldn't sleep last night because I was running through everything I had to get done today. It was at 6am this morning that I decided not to open the shop and to give myself a little time today to breathe....it was then that I eventually drifted off to sleep.
I'm gonna add this lesson to the new me, there is no point eating lots of healthy organic foods and then walking around like a stressed maniac. I'm gonna take more time to just breathe, and get done what I can but not get in a frenzy trying to tick all the boxes.

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