2 Jun 2011

New Handmade Cupcake Brooches

I didn't wait long to get cracking on some new brooches after the arrival of my lovely new felt from Lupin. I made out a new template for cupcake brooches, smaller that my usual ones as not everyone likes to wear big jewellery like I do. I cut them all out and settled in to a lazy evening listing to 'Under The Dome' by Stephen King on audiobook. I nearly didn't want to take pictures of them and list them in my shop because I wanted to stay upstairs listing to what happens at then end of the book(actually after I publish this I'm heading straight back upstairs to hear the conclusion!).

The new listing system has made listing items in my shop way faster I can't believe I shot,edited, and listed 8 items in just over an hour and a half...that must be a new record for me. I'm gonna work on a few other pictorial designs as they usually sell pretty fast. They are €10 each(or 3 for €20), and if you would like one made in specific colours just let me know and I'll make one up for you asap.


  1. They are very charming brooches, and beautifully presented.

  2. Thanks a million!!
    I'm delighted you found my blog...I've been a fan of your for a while now!


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