9 Jun 2011

Mark Halpin Illustrations

A good friend of mine Mark Halpin is selling his work in the Pop-Up shop in Bourkes on Catherine St. As soon as I saw the first picture here I told him I was buying it, it was hung in the shop with a red dot on it so nobody else could buy it(but still displayed so people could see how great his work is). Then when John saw the balloon piece (above) and he couldn't resist it either. I lived with Mark during and after college for 5 years and I was always surrounded by bits of his work, mostly odds and ends of sketches. So now it will be great to have two finished pieces on the wall. I'll add them to my growing collection of art that I'm gathering this year...here...and.... here.

His A4 illustrations are at a crazy reasonable €40, with smaller works starting at €25. He uses any materials at hand, like pencils, pen, paint, crayon, but his current favourite is Pantone Makers, which have a really lovely flat finish, with a wide range of painterly colours. Mark has been away in France for the past few years, and it's great to see how his work has evolved while he has been away. He has now returned to Limerick, and his work was a great success in the Pop-Up shop. I'm currently trying to convince him to set up an Etsy shop as I think his work would sell really well, and he has such an edgy and textured style.

In the meantime you can see his work on Deviant Art

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