21 Jun 2011

Spring Cleaning

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It's that time again when I've to clean the studio...it seems like I've done 20 of these cleaning blog posts, and I always fell so pleased with myself and promise to keep the place tidy, but I never do. I have an addiction to collecting things in bags and then leaving them around the house. I come in from the market, put them down somewhere, and I never unpack them. This week I found  a long lost bracelet, necklace, cardigan and a bit of bread(and considering I have't eaten bread in 2 months that's pretty gross). I reminds me of when my mother would make us clean out our school bags and bits of forgotten lunch would rear their ugly heads.
I also found 4 packs of blank square cards, my heat gun mixed in with a box of scarves, and 2 copies of the same crafting magazine! I won't lie to myself and say that it will stay clean, I'll just enjoy it while it lasts.

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