13 Jun 2011

Father's Day Cards

Men's cards are notoriously difficult to make. It's impossible to get good supplies for them in Ireland that don't look like golfing cards made in the 80's. I got some 'Boyfriend' paper ages ago and used the end of it to make some Father's Day cards. I found it tough to get any embellishments so I ended up drawing my own pictures and cutting them out.

As usual my cards are only on sale at the Milk Market. I won't be there myself this weekend as i have a wedding to go to but my friends will put out my card rail for anyone getting last minute Father's Day cards. To see more images, click here.


  1. so true about the golf cards ruth - uugh!! love the shirt and tie card:)

  2. the shirt and tie card is brilliant!

  3. So amazing! Those cards are so stunning! Perfect for father's day! My dad will like that cards! Thanks for the inspiration! I'm glad that I found your blog post. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hope your father will like it too much and I sure it will be best gift from your side on father 's day. The most quality work you done that is colour selection is splendid.


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