17 Jun 2011

Hotty But Notty: Christopher Eccleston

Hotty But Notty(Part 10): Christopher Eccleston

Yummy yummy Mr.Eccleston! Question: how great an actor is he?...Answer.... he is feckin fantastic!Question: How creepy and scary was he is 28 Days Later?...Answer..... really scary, a horrible role, scared me so much I stopped fancying him(just for that film, and maybe because of the awful blonde hair too).

Most people would probably know him from Doctor Who, which I've never seen in any of it's incarnations weirdly enough. But he was also in The Others, Shallow Grave and Elizabeth.


  1. Ruth this post has become my guilty pleasure for Friday breaktime at school. I used to use this 15mins to clear up the paints, but now I use it to admire men. Seedy? Possibly. Do I mind? Not really. Thanks for another great choice :P I totally agree about 28 Days Later, I couldn't look at him for ages after that. Ugh!

  2. Aw thanks a million Bettie, I'm delighted to be a source of distraction from college work. I just hope I can keep the series going! I have an inner notepad and pen now when I'm watch films to note down the hot guy in the background that everyone else is ignoring.

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    It's so much fun and excitement watching this dr who series especially Christopher Eccleston


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