1 Jun 2011

The Postman Always Knocks Twice

My postman is great, whenever he is delivering large parcels early in the morning, he knows I'll be asleep so he knocks on the door extra hard and gives me a few minutes to trundle out of bed. This saves me a trip down to the postage depot. The other day he arrived with these lovely items....

A large beautiful wedge of felt full of promise of the lovely things I can make with it, it made my fingers nearly itch with excitement when it arrived. I'm running really low on brooches at the moment but with my fancy Cuttlebug I should be able to whip out some new ones fairly shortly. I have a mannequin of brooches in the Pop-Up shop and also down at the Milk Market, and they are both looking a bit bare .

Check out Lupin Handmade for lots of lovely supplies and handmade goodies!

Also my new Moo cards arrived, I mostly use flyers to advertise what I do, but it's good to have moo cards of hand in my keyring if anyone asks what it is that I make. Also I couldn't resist buying some moo stickers while I was shopping, they're so cute! I've no idea what I'll use them for but I'm sure I'll figure something out. Every time I order from Moo I have an inner groan at how expensive they are, but I really love their products and sometimes I think it's work the extra cost.

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